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This was very well thought out! Aside from voice actors, a lot of musicians could learn from this as well.

Flippin Sweet.

Very cool style you have here, it's like you threw DBZ, Trigun, and FLCL into a blender and dumped the contents onto a sketchbook. If that makes any sense, lol.

I do like the black and white style here too.. Although I definitely recommend to others the colored version as well.. I like both.

5/5, 10/10, and faved. I look forward to more from ya in the future.

Must... resist.. showing to girlfriend...

I'm oh so tempted to... but.. hell, she's pissed off enough at me as it is.

Anywho, excellent bit of work here, all I could ask for is a replay button so I can further exhibit my manliness my being too lazy to right-click and start it over that way.

Yeah, this was pretty damn hilarious. I'm definitely recommending it to all of my male friends... maybe the female ones if I'm wearing testicular protection.

You should make an extended version or something, brilliant bit of work overall. I like the 50's PSA style you had going there too, made it more authentic. Plus, the music and voice-acting was also well done (I hate it when someone makes an amazing animation and takes shortcuts on everything else).

Keep up the great work, I'll have to check out some of your other flash, and will look forward to others in the future.

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Thanks. I needed that after the BS I had to deal with filing this year.

Great game!

I liked this game a lot, although I have one little thing so far that ticks me off.

On missions where you have to move to an arrow to finish, you can get killed after you get there.

That turned me off a bit (because I died unnecessarily.. I could have used the health, but I was within range of the arrow so I just figured I would finish, and now I don't feel like redoing the level, because I just finished it.

I dunno, just one glitch really.. maybe you should look into that.

Regardless, this is front-page material. Good work.

Good fun

Reminds me of this old Game-n-Watch gallery game, but with powerups and animals and such. Fun game overall, and great music ; ).
Definitely continue the good work, and check out the full version of my song.. good stuff. =]
Hope to see more work of yours in the future.

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205 bpm with a half-time groove!? So happy I stumbled over your tunes on here, absolutely love this

This is dark and dope! Fantastic production and the mix is clean af

Love how I've listened to this tune a ton over streaming services... only to find you also released it here on Newgrounds! Killer tune, feel like it fits... *gestures broadly at 2020*

I live for the lulz. =D

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