EchozAurora Logo Contest!

2010-11-28 21:20:11 by EchozAurora

Art Forum Contest Thread

In advance of setting up for a couple possible upcoming tours, I'm working on doing a complete revamp of my site, digital presence, etc.

Sooo... I'm in need of a new logo!

Being that I've been a part of NG for a good while, this site has helped me quite a bit over the years as I've worked on music, DJing, etc. So rather than hire some random tool to do graphic design, I'd much rather go to the creative community we have here and do it with a contest!


1st: $50 cash, as well as credit on the site and a permanent affiliate link. Also, top consideration for future commissioning for design projects. (Merch design, CD covers, etc)

2nd-5th: Will be featured on site, as well as considered for future commission work.


First off, I don't want just a knockoff of what I currently have. It obviously needs to say Echoz Aurora... but from there, be creative! I've included an old site background as a reference point, inclusion of the echo pattern or something would be cool... but even that isn't necessary.

I'm an electronic dance music DJ that spins multi-genre mashup. I also typically DJ in a top hat with a sound-active equalizer. I'm also a rave promoter. These are things to think about during the design, but yet again... I'm looking for new ideas, not old ones.


Logos need to be submitted in two formats.

One landscape standard page sized logo. (11 x 8.5")
One 940x198 pixel banner.

Artwork needs to be at minimum 300dpi quality

I personally recommend using the NG Dumping Grounds for uploading the files, but it's ultimately up to you how you put them online.

Other shit:

The deadline for contest submissions is two weeks from now:

Sunday, December 12th at 11:59 PM EST (NG time)
As far as judging goes, I'm going to go over the designs with a few friends and pick out the top ones I like. That's it. Because in the end, the one I like most is going to win.

The winner will be messaged for contact info to negotiate payment after selected, and 2nd-5th will be contacted for site links, etc. before the winners are posted on the site.

Anyway... good luck! I'm excited to see what people come up with! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM on here and I'll try to get to them as soon as I can.

EchozAurora Logo Contest!


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2010-11-28 22:04:42

Do u want raster or vectors? and it needs a bg like the current logo? anyways nice thing ill give it a try.

EchozAurora responds:

Vectors are nice, but aren't necessary. It doesn't need a background either, that's just what was used for the old site. If you do add a background, I'd prefer it to be in a separate layer so it can be pulled out when needed for flyers and things like that.


2010-11-29 07:47:18

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2010-12-09 20:26:33

Trust me, for logos you need vector. Otherwise it would not be able to scale properly.

EchozAurora responds:

It would definitely be ideal. I'm pretty good at re-scaling and editing images if need be, but yeah... vectors would be a lot less work and give a much cleaner final result.