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Entry #43

Being trans, new live mix, random overdue update!

2012-02-13 02:17:22 by EchozAurora

I just now came to the realization that I never made a news post on my errr... situation.

As in, I'm a girl! Which I think a few people still haven't quite picked up on.

Mind you, it's a lot more complex than that lol... because I'm a mtf transsexual.

For those of you that want the full story and related details on my transition and such... click here! (And follow my tumblr :P)

Aside from that, I've been busy working and DJing as well!

I played a show called Addicted to Love with VibeSquad here in town about a week ago, and while the turnout was minimal... it ended up being a lot of fun and my set came out pretty well!

So if you are into electronic dance music... and like to hear lots of genres in a one hour mix... give it a listen! It'll be up to download for a while as well... so get on it! :D

Being trans, new live mix, random overdue update!


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2012-02-13 04:12:12

That's an awesome mix... sounds way better than others that I'm reluctant to name...

EchozAurora responds:

Thanks!! :D


2012-03-01 23:18:19

YOUR A WHAT???! Oh shit. I thought you just had multiple tumors... :(